Precise and Powerful
Binding Agent Spreading

Spreading large quantities of binding agents while adhering to the specified accuracy at the same time is of paramount importance in both soil stabilization and cold recycling. The sophisticated binding agent spreaders from Streumaster meet these requirements with superior ease. In addition, our comprehensive product portfolio takes due account of both different performance requirements and the availability of tractor vehicles. The binding agent spreaders from Streumaster are therefore on offer in various model designs: as attachment units, trailers, built-up units for mounting on a carrier vehicle, or self-propelled spreading machines.

Mounted Spreader

The compact tractor-towed spreaders are primarily used on smaller construction sites and in confined spaces. The standardised three-point linkage at the front or rear enables the spreader to be coupled to all common tractors. Their hopper volume ranges from 3 m³ (front spreader) to 5 m³ (rear spreader).

Towed Spreader

Drawn spreaders are available as both robust single-axle or tandem-axle trailers. Various trailer drawbars and brake systems, as well as an optional auxiliary engine that can be mounted to the spreader, allow the units to be combined with different towing vehicles – usually with off-road tractors. Their hopper volume ranges from 10 m³ (single-axle trailer) to 16 m³ (tandem-axle trailer).

Truck mounted spreader

Truck-mounted spreaders are spreader units designed to be mounted on different carrier vehicles. Available hopper volumes include 12 m³, 16 m³, 18 m³ or 20 m³. Trucks of different sizes are usually used as carrier vehicles. Spreader units can also be mounted on dumpers, tracked vehicles or special trucks upon request.