It's all
in the mix.

The right plant to suit your market requirements: Whether it’s a transportable or stationary plant, at capacities from 100 - 400 t/hour – but one thing remains consistent throughout: BENNINGHOVEN has the most cutting-edge solutions for economical, flexible and environmentally friendly asphalt production.

Asphalt mixing plants ECO

Asphalt mixing plants featuring transport-optimized container dimensions, type ECO. These plants are characterised by a high level of mobility and therefore optimum flexibility. It is suitable for stationary operation but can also handle fast site changes without problems. The strength of the plants lie in its ability to be transported anywhere in the world, as easily, economically and effectively as possible.

Asphalt mixing plants TBA

Transportable asphalt mixing plants type TBA. This type of plant is suitable for both semi-mobile and stationary use. Maximum flexibility, strong plant performance and, thanks to RECYCLING+, the possibility of achieving a recycling rate of up to 80% added back into the mixing process.

Asphalt mixing plants BA

The stationary asphalt mixing plants type BA feature unlimited equipment options and a huge production capacity. They are always planned as a location concept and individually tailored to the customers' economic requirements.

Recycling plants BA-RPP

The stationary recycling plants type BA-RPP feature impressively high recycling rates of over 90%, while at the same time complying with the emission standard ranges. An effective contribution to energy efficiency, economic efficiency and active environmental protection.

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